Congress app - Main sponsor

Exclusive sponsorship

The congress app is the main way to access the congress programme, posters, exhibit floor plan, follow the live sessions, view the exhibitors’ pages and connect with other delegates all at your fingertips.
All registered onsite and online participants will be encouraged to download the congress app which proves to be the most useful and comprehensive guide to the Annual Meeting.

As the main sponsor of the congress app you will be highly visible onsite and online.


55.000 € - 60 credits

The exclusive main sponsor’s package includes:

  • Landing Page: Exposure of your logo or banner on the landing page (not clickable) which appears immediately after ESHRE’s landing page image, when the delegates are activating the congress app. Every time the app is opened, this landing page will be visible for a few seconds. This landing page can be saved so that it appears in delegate’s favourites in the app (exclusive benefit)
  • Exhibitors’ listing: Your company name and logo will appear first on the exhibitors’ list in the congress app making it highly visible (exclusive benefit)
  • Clickable banner: have your own banner on the home page of the app. The banner is clickable and can be linked to a page in the congress app or to an external url. You can have a maximum of three banners to change over the four days (exclusive benefit)
  • Website app page: as the main sponsor of the app you will be recognised on the dedicated app page of the congress website (exclusive benefit)
  • Sponsor Recognition: as the main app sponsor you will be mentioned whenever the app is mentioned in communications, including but not limited to mailings, website listings, social media postings (exclusive benefit)
  • Branded app helpdesk: on the branding of the app helpdesk onsite your company name will be mentioned as the main sponsor of the app (exclusive benefit)
  • 2 push notifications in the app: Draw attention to your activities or promote a link to your website. Push notifications will be sent to all the participants who have downloaded the app. Your push message will remain listed throughout the congress among ESHRE’s news items shown on the first page of the app


Main features of the congress app

  • The main function available in the app is the congress programme, the session recordings/livestreams, the posters, being able to access the sessions at any time, from anywhere
  • Delegates will also find the abstracts, a list of authors, co-authors and chairmen, the list of exhibitors and their exhibitor pages, an interactive (exhibit) floor plan
  • Delegates can follow ESHRE news via our push notifications and make connections with other participants


  • Allocation of the Congress app package will be determined by the place of the sponsor in the ranking list until and including 18 March 2022 (i.e. the first sponsor on the ranking list will have the first choice, the second sponsor the second choice etc.). Thereafter the sponsorship of the congress app will be offered on a first- come, first-served basis
  • You will have to provide ESHRE with any graphics in PDF and EPS format, following ESHRE’s specifications
  • The graphics and branding will remain the same over the four days and will be approved by ESHRE


Sponsor’s landing page (will appear immediately after ESHRE’s landing page when downloading the app)

Listed on top of the exhibitors list in app


Push notification/news item


Clickable banner home page of the app

Example of the app helpdesk onsite

app desk