Your advert in the pocket programme

Exclusive sponsorship

A handy, pocket-size programme overview will be provided for all participants. The pocket programme gives a clear and structured overview of all the sessions with time-table and networking events.


20.000 € - 22 credits


  • The pocket programme is probably the most frequently used publication of the Annual Meeting
  • It will give your advert daily exposure during the Annual Meeting
  • It creates a strong link between the sponsor and the congress


  • Allocation of this sponsorship will be determined by the place of the sponsor in the ranking list until 18 March 2022 inclusive (i.e. the first sponsor on the ranking list will have the first choice, the second sponsor the second choice etc.). Thereafter will be offered on a first- come, first-served basis
  • You will have to provide ESHRE with the advert in PDF and EPS format, following ESHRE’s specifications
  • The graphics and branding will remain the same over the four days and will be approved by ESHRE