Congress highlights newsletter

Exclusive sponsorship

Want to reach and be visible to delegates? Sponsoring our daily highlights newsletter can subtly promote your brand whilst gaining goodwill through association.



7.500 € per day
10 credits per day



  • The daily congress highlights newsletter will have a clickable sponsor banner at the top of the page
  • You can be highly visible to the congress delegates as this newsletter will be sent to all registered congress attendees



  • Allocation of this sponsorship will be determined by the place of the sponsor in the ranking list until 18 March 2022 inclusive (i.e. the first sponsor on the ranking list will have the first choice, the second sponsor the second choice etc.) Thereafter the sponsorship will be offered on a first- come, first-served basis
  • There will be one highlights newsletter per day in the morning (4 newsletters in total)
  • You will have to provide ESHRE with the banner in PDF and EPS format and link.
  • The advertising will be approved by ESHRE