Pre-session slides
(session hall, desktop + app)

Non-exclusive sponsorship

Prior to each session ESHRE will show slides with information for delegates to see while they wait for the session to start onsite and online. On these slides you will be able to promote your sponsored session, your booth, your products or service.



8000 € per slide - 10 credits per slide



  • The pre-session slides will be shown before every session of the ESHRE scientific programme onsite and online, rotating alongside ESHRE’s content, across all four days
  • As the pre-session slides will be shown onsite and online, it will give you great visibility
  • You can advertise your sponsored session, drive more delegates to your booth, promote your activities


  • This sponsorship item is offered on a first- come, first-served basis
  • 3 available sponsored slides per day
  • Maximum one slide per company per day can be booked
  • The pre-session slides won’t be shown when viewing the sessions ‘on demand’
  • You will have to provide ESHRE with your designed PowerPoint slides
  • The advertising will be approved by ESHRE


Sunday, 3 July: 3 slides available
Monday, 4 July: Sold out
Tuesday, 5 July: 2 slides sold, 1 slide available
Wednesday, 6 July: 1 slide sold, 2 slides available