Exclusive sponsorship

WiFi is a must-have service for the participants of our Annual Meeting. A branded full-sized screen displaying your logo and/or advertisement will appear every time participants need to log in to the congress WIFI. This offers you prime visibility for your advertisements and/or brand.

This sponsorship can be booked for the four congress days (3, 4, 5 & 6 July).


20,000 Euro / n° credits = 20
- Participants will activate the WiFi from a page displaying the sponsor’s logo or advert.
- Every 12 hours, participants will have to re-connect to the WiFi and the sponsor’s fully branded page will be visible to the participants each time.

If you would like to have another set-up, for example less than 12hrs, then this can be discussed.

Additional offer

The full-sized loading screen can be changed daily for 2000 € per change.


  • You will receive exposure and recognition of your support via the full-sized branded screen visible to anyone connecting to the WiFi
  • It will give your company branding daily exposure during the Annual Meeting
  • It will create a strong link between the sponsor and the Annual Meeting


  • This sponsorship item is offered on a first- come, first-served basis
  • The artwork will be approved by ESHRE