Building restrictions

Important! Check requirements ramp here 
  • Minimum exhibit space = 7,5m2 (pink spaces) or 9m2 (blue spaces)
  • Maximum exhibit space = 180 m2
  • The maximum overall height for the booths is 5 metres (the maximum height includes rigging)
  • To create an open environment at the exhibit, only 1/3 of each stand’s side facing an aisle may be covered by a wall
  • Island booths: the maximum building height will be restricted to 3m
  • Inline, corner and peninsula booths: the back and side wall height will be restricted to 2.5m
  • Island, inline, peninsula and corner booths: the bottom height for banners and signs will be 3.5m. Banners or signs can measure maximum 1.5m, which brings the overall possible maximum height up to 5m
  • All custom made booth plans will need to be reviewed and approved by ESHRE and by MiCo. Booth plans should be in by 29 April 2022 (not 29 May) at the very latest.
  • No exceptions will be made!


Plans building restrictions 



Requirements ramp

A ramp will be required for a platform higher than 2,5cm (before it was 5cm) and for complex structures (detailed below ***) these extra documents will be required for design approval:

*** For stands made up of complex type structures (g2), a technical report drawn up by a qualified professional, listed in an Italian professional Registry must be produced and delivered to Fiera Milano, when sending the set-up project, containing:

- a description of the structures;
- characteristics of the materials to be used;
- applied standards of reference;
- indication of the weights of the materials used (structures, spotlights, electrical cables, hoisting motors);
- Estimated load of the structures and check of the stress on structures and anchoring.

At the end of the works, the installer must submit the declaration of correct assembly using the special form downloadable from the Fiera Milano website and the inspection certificate produced by a qualified professional.

Complex structures are considered complex if the construction has one or more of the below fittings:

- Height over 4mt
- Beams over 4mt
- Truss struture over 8mt
- Structure with ledwall