ESHRE 2022 Scientific speed dating

ESHRE 2022 Speed dating

Speed dating is an initiative and hosted by the ESHRE Journal Club. Participants will form pairs and have 3-4 min to share and collect information from each other such as name, work place, profession, skills, Twitter handle, research interests, etc. After the 4 minutes is up, participants will switch partner and repeat the mutual interview again. This step will be continuously repeated every 4 minutes for 25 to 30 min. After a wrapping up the activity, participants will have met and exchanged network information with up to 6-7 ESHRE attendees both junior and senior.

This will be a great opportunity to facilitate approachability and further networking among ESHRE attendees. During the event coffee and refreshments will be onsite to enjoy while meeting your future colleagues.

This is a registration only activity, for participants of the Annual Meeting (live) in Milan. Registrations are limited to 50 participants.