ESHRE Position statements and papers

Statements, opinions, responses about recent highlights and milestones in the field of reproductive science and medicine can be found in this section .

Discrimination and bigotry

8 June 2020 - ESHRE reaffirms its opposition to discrimination and bigotry

Spindle transfer

9 July 2019 - Spindle transfer in the treatment of infertility: an ESHRE position statement

Treatment add-ons

3 May 2019 - The responsible use of treatment add-ons in fertility services: a consensus statement

Gene editing in human embryos

22 March 2019 - Moratorium on Gene Editing in human embryos

Safety and Access to Fertility Care

13 December 2018 - ESHRE supports WHO Global Summit on Safety and Access to Fertility Care

Stem cells in reproductive medicine

22 July 2015 - Stem cells in reproductive medicine: ready for the patient?

Prion detection in urinary gonadotropin formulations

ESHRE position statement concerning prion detection in urinary gonadotropin formulations

Birth defects

7 April 2009 - Birth defects in IVF children

Reproductive cloning of human beings

1 August 2007 - Prolongation of Voluntary Moratorium on Reproductive Cloning of Human Beings

Good Clinical Treatment

June 2008 - Good Clinical Treatment in Assisted Reproduction

Ethics statements

Ethics and Law Taskforce Documents