Hilde Cotton


Oslo, Norway

Hilde Cotton is an experienced and published ART Nurse. In 2006, after receiving her Bachelor in Nursing from Binghamton University in New York, she began her career in New York City at a large ART clinic. She was a member of ASRM for 8 years and presented her own research to the Nurses Professional Group at the ASRM Annual Meeting in both 2010 and 2012. She won the Merck Nurse Researcher Award both years. She helped found an ASRM Fertility Preservation Special Interest Group, was an active representative for RESOLVE Infertility, and a hospital liaison for fertility preservation preceding cancer treatment. She consulted pro bono for the non-profit organization Fertile Hope and for Celmatix, a fertility biotech company based in NYC. She attended a Masters of Science in Midwifery program at New York University from 2012-2014. Since leaving the States in 2014 she has been working as an ART Nurse in Oslo, Norway. In Norway she is actively working to increase nursing-based research in the Scandinavia milieu and lobbying to expand fertility treatments offered in Norway. She spoke at the annual Nurses Inspiration Weekend in Oslo Norway only 6 months after she arrived on the IVF scene in Norway. She has been an outspoken advocate for IVF genetic technologies, egg donation, single mother family building, and elective egg freezing, none of which are currently approved in Norway. She became an ESHRE-certified MAR Nurse in 2017. Hilde is driven and passionate about reproductive autonomy and women´s health, particularly where ethnic and social disparities collide with health outcomes. At work she is known for sharing articles and guidelines with colleagues and ensuring clinical practice is individualized, up-to-date, and compassionate. She also teaches birthing classes to English-speakers in Oslo through her partnership with Oslo Midwifery and Women´s Center. She hopes teaching and a PhD is in her future.